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​We ”TOMOIKE” have been steadily growing with the growth of the electronics field from our foundation to the present.

We are pursuing our evolution  by fusing "person's know-how and mind"," technology" and "analog / digital" , based on our  processing for tapes and  films used in every electronics .

The temple shrines in the oldest capital were built, by the skill of many craftsmans "SHOKUNIN" under the direction of the boss who master the latest technology at that time.

Now in the modern world, spectacular worlds such as AI,IoT,EVcars ,robotics,biotechenology,etc,are spreading,however these all products will need "invisible parts" and " SHOKUNIN 's technique" .

We “TOMOIKE” will continue to strive with enthusiasm, as a professional for craftsman"SHOKUNIN" to ensure that all of us everyone can serve you.

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and support.

CEO  Yoshikawa Makoto

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