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Privacy Policy

We "TOMOIKE INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd." shall comply with the provisions of the "Personal Information Protection Law" .

we will inform as the following matters concerning our customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company information (company name, department name etc.) etc handled by us.

1.Purpose of using personal information

(1) In order for us to provide our customers with our products and services, we will collect necessary personal information for business execution.
In case acquiring your personal information, we handle within the scope of the following purpose.
Further, In case of filling in customer's written information directly or by inputting to electromagnetic record and acquiring customer information, the purpose of use will be explained each time by us.

[Purpose of use]
1) For inform you about confirmation, delivery, and related after-sales service of purchase of products and services etc purchased.
2) For provide you various information such as catalogs and information on product information on products, services etc of our company, our affiliated company and our partner, information on campaign etc.
3) For planning, development and improvement of our products or services etc.
4) For sales and marketing of products or services etc.
5) For utilize the analysis results of the questionnaire etc. rela

*Your provision of personal information is optional .If you can not provide personal information, we may not be able to use our products / services (including answers to inquiries), so please understand in advance.
*As for personal information of minors, please be sure to provide us with consent from the parents.
*We will use personal information collected only within the scope of the business you entrusted.

(2) We will use information processed so that personal information can not be identified to a specific individual for business execution.

2.Shared use of personal information

We will use personal information in collaboration as follows.
1) Item of personal information to be shared:Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company information (company name, department name, etc.) and information on sales, service, after-sales service, survey, etc.
2) The scope of those who will jointly use it.:Company affiliated company.
3) Purpose of use by those who use it:For smooth execution and related processing of receivables and payables between cooperating users.
4) Person responsible for managing shared personal information:TOMOIKE INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.
5) How to obtain personal information:Oral (interview, telephone, etc.), written (including those by electromagnetic recording such as input form on the web etc) etc.

3.Disclosure of personal information, etc.

We will promptly respond in good faith after confirming the customer in case we desire disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc. of personal information by the customer himself or his / her agent.

We will respond to requests for complaints about personal information.
In addition, we will use personal information acquired in response to requests for disclosure of personal information, etc. and in response to requests for complaints to the extent necessary for requesting disclosure etc. or to respond to the offer.
Please understand in advance ,Regarding the response to the request, we restrict it to personal information that has authority to respond to all of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information in response to requests from the principal for disclosure etc.

4. Third party provision etc. of personal information etc.

(1) We will not provide personal information to third parties except in one of the following cases.
1) In case you got consent from the customer in advance.
2) In cases where it is permitted under other personal information protection laws and other laws and ordinances.

(2) To the extent necessary for achieving the Company, we may entrust all or part of the handling of personal information after signing a contract concerning personal information protection.

(3) We may provide anonymous processing information to third parties.In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we will publicly announce each at the same time when creating anonymous processing information or when providing it to Third party.

(4) We may provide statistical data to third parties."Statistical data" means quantitative data obtained by aggregating a certain number of personal information and processing it statistically, and data in a state where no individual is specified.

5. Others.

(1) In order to better protect customer information, or to respond to changes in laws and regulations and other norms, we may change public information subject to privacy policy and personal information protection law without prior notice.
In that case, we will deal with customer information (including those acquired before change) based on the posted information after the change, to the extent permitted by laws and ordinances.

(2) We will notify you on this page if there are important changes or notifications.

Person responsible for personal information protection.


Person responsible for personal information protection.

Copyrights of information and images provided on our website belong to GSP Enterprise, Inc. and information providing company.
Regardless of profit / non-profit, individual, group or company, we do not allow copying, processing, distribution and re-publication of copyrighted material etc. on our website without permission in any case without permission .



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