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Commenced processing felt as core business

Established Tomoike Industrial Co., Ltd

Established Nara office

Established Osaka Headquarters

Established Mie office

Established a processing factory installing clean rooms in Matsusaka-shi,

Mie and Mie office moved to Uegawa-cho, Matsusaka-shi

Established Hiroshima office

Established Mobara office

Osaka Headquarters moved to Naniwa-ku, Osaka

Integrated Mobara Office into Hiroshima office

Integrated Nara Office into Osaka Headquarters

June 1953  

Apr. 2004  

Oct. 1959  

Dec. 1993  

Sep. 2002  

Dec. 2002  

Apr. 2004  

June 2005  

Apr. 2007  

Mar. 2006  

Sep. 2014  

Oct. 2014  

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