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Office equipment / Copying machine

/ Printer / Toner Cartridge

We are developing and producing various sheets, labels, seals, other components etc. that are used in copiers, printers, toner cartridges and other OA equipment.

Document holding,doble feeding prevention,paper feeding,dustproof,stiming,caution label,tonaer seal

Image diagram

Stirring Sheet

Toner Seal

Cleaning Seal​

Door Stopper

Resin,cushion,metal,rubber,plastic,poly,heat resistant,heat radiation,tape,sheet

Paper Feed Roller

Auxiliary Sheet

Dustproof Filter

Document Pressing Sheet

Tuch Panel Sheet

Caution Label

Paper Label

Usage Example of Products

copier,copying machine,sheet,label,rokker,seal
printer,resin processing,rubber processing,metal processing
toner cartridge,inscription,tape,film

Double-feeding prevention sheet

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