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Protective tape,sparate,glue,camera module,in-vhicle,camera
Cushion processing,felt,shilicon rubber,light shielding,strain
Heat dissipation,heat countermeasure,heat storage,heat conduction,divergence,FPC
Insulation sheert,graphene,graphite,conductivity,atatic
Protective sheet,decorative sheet,sseparator,toray,substrate,masking
Metal foil,copper foil,silver foil,heat conduction,themal radiation,inoac,heat protection,flame reardant

Lamination Processing Technology

Processing Example:

- Can not process with pressing Press bonding of film or double-sided tape to cutting of resin plate
- No air bubbles in optical members, achieving high precision bonding
- Printing on the back side of the plate is also possible

Do not give up on anytjing you are in trouble.

Please absolutely consult with Tomoike Industrial Co., Ltd.

Tape,resin,resin plate,press,cutting,film,double-sided tape,laminating,optical

Resin plate


Resin plate


Sheet Metal Processing Technology

SUS, aluminum, tinplate, etc, according to your request, mold pressing, bending, etching process to match the location from small-volume trial production to mass production at home and abroad.

Bunnle,accuracy,printing,tape,shingle sided,both soded,processing,bubble free

Subsidary material

We supply various materials such as Styrofoam and Polyethylene by molding and cutting.
In addition, we can also propose support for special purpose such as countermeasures for interference during transportation, parts that dislike static electricity.

UHF / HF / NFC Tag

A system that reads and writes information recorded on the IC chip by wireless communication.
The introduction is expanded in various fields such as logistics industry, manufacturing industry, item management in offices and warehouses.
After pattern printing, we will propose post-processing according to your request.

Prottype,mass producgtion,sheet metal processing,etching processing,processing technology,domestic production
Tag,UHF,HF,NFC,wireless communicationmIC chip,goods management,barcode

Please contact us for procurement, processing, import and export of various tapes, film, resin, rubber, metal and other materials.

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Heat Rleasing Sheet

Cushion processing Product

Protect Tape

Metal Foil Sheet

Protect Sheet

Insulation Sheet

Component Imege

Decorative film,label,embossing,buffering,absorption
Decorative film,label,embossing,buffering,absorption
Nitto denko,chiyoda integre,minebea mitsumi,nagase,sharp,panasonic,kyocera,nitta,SDP,JDP
LCD parts,protect film,toray,inoac,teraoka,nichibei,nitto
Silicon ingot,wafer,AR glass,gorilla glass

Tape product / Filem product / Resin product

/ Rubber product / Metal product / Other product

Processing Technology
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